Early Years

At the Annual Meeting of Householders in 1928 a recommendation was accepted that a school swimming pool be constructed. So enthusiastic were the members of the committee that tenders were called for the contract and work was completed by Messrs Keir & Thompson of Rangiora later that year

The pool was built on the site of the original school on Parnassus St (an acre of land gifted by Mr Caverhill in 1876 from which the original school building was later moved)

The original concrete Pool was 20 yards long and 8 yards wide (18.3m x 7.3m) with a depth of 6 ½ feet (2 m) and included a diving board, change shed, toilets and a floodgate so that the pool could be emptied and the water changed when necessary. In 1986 a shallow end was concreted in.

Improvements over the years included seating, a toddlers pool, fencing, concreting, chlorine and equipment sheds, filtration system, re- painting, pool covers, a mural and solar heating system.

The pool was open through summer and jointly managed by the school and community swimming club for many years. More recently, management was the responsibility of the Waiau School Board of Trustees with a caretaker appointed to oversee day to day operation.

The Start of Something New

In November 2016, Waiau was hit by a large earthquake. This earthquake destroyed the change sheds and damaged the pool beyond repair.

Within weeks a national fundraising campaign had been initiated. Muftidays were held, fundraising auctions organized and donations received from throughout New Zealand. A local committee was formed to carry the project further and a lease agreement was signed between the Hurunui District Council, on behalf of the local community, and the Ministry of Education to allow a new pool to be built on the main school site bordering Clarence Street.

With the support of funds from the Rata Foundation, Lotteries and Sutherland Trust work began on clearing the site in July 2018. The new pool opened in February 2019.